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The sun is our biggest natural generator, let’s do mother nature a favor and use it. When you are ready to go green and possibly save some money, leave me a message and I will insure you are well taken care of. Power Through Together

Senate Bill 358

By the year 2030, Nevada has to be powered by at least 50% renewable resources. They will be relying on a lot of that energy to be coming from both residential and commercial installations. The bill also aims at having 100% carbon-free resources which enables more incentives to get homeowners to get solar installed on their homes. As the energy companies start to lose profit due to less consumption, the prices may start being affected for the consumers still on the grid. This bill has opened up a lot of new opportunities for getting solar installed into your home. Many new programs for financing these projects have been enabled by passing of this bill.

Solar Stats

Total USD Invested In Nevada
Number Of Solar Installations
Prices For Solar Installation Compared To 5 Years Ago
Percentage Of State's Electricity From Solar

Not only can you lock in your rates to today’s prices, but you will also reduce your personal carbon footprint and create a better future. Learn how to obtain energy that is readily available in the many sunny days of Nevada.